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South Gloucestershire is a unitary authority area in Southwest England comprising of multiple suburban areas to the north and east of Bristol as well as a large rural hinterland. It was created in 1996 from the northern section of the county of Avon.

In 1996, the county of Avon was abolished, and South Gloucestershire was created as a unitary authority area. It comprises the former districts of Kingswood and Northavon bordering the city and county of Bristol, the Bath and Northeast Somerset unitary authority area, and with the shire counties of Gloucestershire and Wiltshire.

Because of its shared history with other parts of the former county of Avon, South Gloucestershire still works closely with other unitary authorities that took over when that county was abolished, including shared services such as Avon Fire and Rescue Service, the Avon, and Somerset Constabulary, co-operating together in planning strategy for transport, roads, and housing.

Bristol, the next city to South Gloucestershire forms a county and community. It has an extraordinary heritage and attracts millions of visitors from around the world annually. From music and museums to shopping and sports, Bristol plays a major role as entertainment, arts, and economic hub. Together with South Gloucestershire, it is a mix of growing cosmopolitan and modern community.

A community hub is a building or space that is open and accessible to the local community. It provides services that the local community wants and needs. Important decisions about running and managing the hub are taken by people from within the local community.

The most common activities that can be held in a community hub are community hall or meeting space, health or well-being activities, educational activities, skills and employment training, community cafe, sports or fitness activities, arts, or cultural activities.

Community hubs can take any form. Some are traditional community centers while others range from a shed to a local shop, or a house. They are usually run and staffed by volunteers while the well-established ones employ professional and well-managed staff.

However, because of the advancement of the internet, community hubs are becoming digital. This magazine website is a community site with resources and info on local supermarkets and food supplies, mental health, and tips to stay calm, info for children and elderly, community groups, food banks in Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

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